Wednesday 1 July, 2020

Got another email this morning. Instead of the Inland Revenue, this one was purporting to be about a parking fine. The whole thing looked completely legit, but when I clicked the link, it took me to another random site.

Slide is pretty sure that it’s the same people as before, but he says that the site has moved from Riga and is now being hosted from a server farm in Penang, Malaysia. Once again, the site just holds one image, but this is a new one:

Slide is digging into the underlying code of the image. He thinks there might be a message hidden in it.

Three missed calls from a number in Potsdam, upstate New York. I called the number. It’s a place called the Garret van Horn Motel, but it went out of business late last year. The owner answered the phone, guy called Vartan Boghossian. He’s living there while he tries to sell it. He had no idea who I was and said that no one had been making any outgoing calls - he’s the only one there.

The last two nights, I’ve been woken up by someone humming a song outside in the street. Both times, I’ve looked out the window and there was no one there. I vaguely recognise the tune, but I don’t know where from.