Pleasant Green

My name is Kennedy Fisher. I’m an investigator and co-host for an audio company called Red Hook Stories. (This website is not affiliated to the company in any way.)

In 2018, I began investigating the disappearance of a young man called Charles Dexter Ward from a secure mental health facility in Providence, RI.

The investigation led down the rabbit hole of a far-reaching occult conspiracy that seems to centre around a place called Pleasant Green, which may or may not exist.

In 2020, my friend and co-host, Matthew Heawood, disappeared. Since then, I have been trying to figure out where he went and what happened to him.

I have started this website as a place to store and share the information I have found, to shine a light on what is happening, and in the hope that it will encourage others to come forward with information.

You can catch up with the podcast Matthew and I made on Apple Podcasts and at BBC Sounds.