Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

Photographs from Rendlesham Forest.

Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

These photographs were taken in 2019, during the investigation into the disappearance of Henry Akeley.

Rendlesham Forest was the location of a UFO incident in 1980, which coincided with a ritual performed by Akeley, Amelia Fenner and Thomas Marston. It is also the location of the Marston/Blake House.

A few miles east stands Orford Ness, which was the site of the first radar tests, conducted in 1935. The timing of these tests directly correlates to the murders of the Marston Family by their youngest child, Mary.

In 1645, Faith Mills, a woman accused of witchcraft, was chased down by villagers, executed, and buried on the site of what became the Marston/Blake House.

The edge of Rendlesham Forest
The gate of RAF Woodbridge (now decommissioned). It was from this spot that the 1980 "UFO" sighting began.
A symbol carved into the forest floor. Are rituals still being conducted in the area?
A view across the fields from the edge of the forest. The Akely house just visible in the centre of the picture.
The church where I met the man posing as Albert Wilmarth (now possibly identified as John Silence, though that may be an alias)
Me surveying one of the ritual sites in the forest.